Restore Mala III

$108.00 CAD

This mala is made with beautiful amazonite stones and natural rudraksha seeds.
It is extremely soothing and calming mala. It helps to restore, relax, calm and relieve stress.
A mala is a string of 108 beads that are used for keeping count during mantra meditations. Mala helps the mind focus on meditation.
Hand knotted with 100% natural silk, 8mm natural Amazonite stones, natural rudraksha seeds and Amazonite centre stone (30mm x 12mm).
Length approx 19 1/4” - measured straight on a flat surface

All our jewelries are handmade with care & love in smoke-free, pet-free environment.
Please note these are handmade with natural stone as color and size may slightly vary.

Mala is shipped in a natural burlap bag and gift box with description of stone.


Amazonite- Amazonite is an extremely soothing and calming stone. It is associated with truth, honor, communication and hope. This stone promotes kindness and practicality. It helps to relieve stress and balance the emotions.

Rudraksha- Rudraksha is a seed of the Eliocarpus Ganitrus trees in South East Asia. They are naturally and sustainably harvested. It is believed to increase general awareness, give clarity and peace of mind, and relieve stress and anxiety. It is also known to increase stamina, energy and strengthen the heart and balances the nerve system.

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