Aqua Dream

$32.00 CAD

This bracelet is made with beautiful Aquamarine & Apatite stones with Aromatic natural sandalwoods.
It represents courage and clarity of mind, it will enhance creativity and self-expression.

Stones: Aquamarine 12~15mm (Center), 6mm Apatite
Wood: 6mm Natural Sandalwood 
Metal beads: Lead and nickel free Zinc Alloy.
Made with Elastic String


All our jewelries are handmade with care & love in smoke-free, pet-free environment.
Please note these are handmade with natural stone as color and size may vary.

All Paprika’s product is shipped in recycled plastic bag with description of stone.
If you want gift packaging, please add gift packaging (link below) when ordering.
Gift packaging is free.




Aquamarine- Aquamarine is a stone of courage and protection. This stone is associated with clarity of mind and creative self-expression. Aquamarine is an excellent stone for deep meditations, as it brings a great peace and serenity. It helps you be in touch with your spiritual being. Because of its color, Aquamarine is called as ‘water of the sea’ and has often been linked to sea Goddess.
Chakra: Heart & Throat Chakra

Blue Apatite- It is an inspirational stone. Apatite clears away confusion, apathy or negativity. It enhances creativity and awakens the finer, inner self. Blue apatite is a stone of the Throat Chakra, it helps with public speaking and enhances communication and self-expression.
Chakra: Throat Chakra

Sandalwood- Indian Sandalwood is one of the most sacred herbs. It has distinctive fragrance that has been highly valued for centuries. It attracts positive energy and clear perception. Because of its aromatic fragrance, it is very calming and soothing. It helps to restore and relax your mind and body.



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