Spice up your life with Paprika♥ 
Paprika is a yoga inspired activewear & jewelry brand
Made with love for environment, happiness, fun & healthy lifestyle
Proudly Canadian and sweatshop-free
Paprika is founded in 2015 in Toronto, Canada by a fashion designer/yoga practitioner.
We are dedicated to create playful and comfortable active clothing that is functional, flexible and fashionable.
Our clothes are perfect for yoga and all other activities (Pilates, Gym, Workout, Dance, Sports and Surf)
They can be also worn as everyday wear.
Our yoga inspired jewelries are made to bring light, love and positive energy.
It will enhance your yoga practice, meditation and spiritual mind.
All our jewelries are handmade with love & care.
Paprika supports you with your healthy/active lifestyle and adventures,
flows with your body, mind and spirit♥