Summer practice on the water! SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) in Toronto July 13, 2015 03:37

We finally have nice summer weather in Toronto!
that means... it is perfect to take your practice outdoor and take a deep breathe of fresh air.


There are few different outdoor yoga practice in T.O either in the park or on the water.

We visited Kew beach last Saturday to enjoy Stand-Up Paddle Board (SUP) on the Lake Ontario.
Kew beach is a great place to do paddle boarding!

- It is close to downtown of Toronto, you can get there easily by public transportation.
- It has a nice view of downtown Toronto.
- Beach is not as crowded as other beaches like Woodbine Beach.
- There are few places around the beach that you can rent a board or take a class!

SUP girlz offers various classes and workshops including...
SUP yoga classes, bootcamp, Night SUP with lights under you (how cool is that!?)
You are required to complete a first-time class to make sure you have the basics down before taking their daily classes.

Sup Surf offers intro/beginner lesson to get you started,
and after that, you can rent a paddle board by an hour and enjoy paddling!