How to use a Mala April 13, 2015 14:49


Mala beads are a string of 108 beads used for keeping count during mantra meditations. Malas can be used during meditation and they help the mind to focus. Malas are also referred to as mala beads, Buddhist beads or Buddhist prayer beads.


How to use a Mala

Using a mala is simple and enjoyable. Traditionally, the mala beads have been used in prayer and meditation. But anyone can wear mala beads, whether you meditate or not. Because of healing quality of gemstones, people often wear it as necklace or bracelets to calm the mind and find inner peace.

Meditating with Mala, You should clarify the intention of your practice and choose your mantra or affirmation. A mantra is a word, sound, or phrase chanted aloud or silently to aid in your concentration.

When selecting a mantra, be clear on what your intention is, and use your intuition over your intellect.  You may want to try out each mantra for a few repetitions to see how it feels to you and choose the one that feels like it fits best for you.

Find a comfortable space and sit quietly in a comfortable position with the eyes closed. Begin to breathe deeply and bring your focus and attention onto your mantra or affirmation. To count your mantras, hold your mala in your right hand and count each mantra by touching each bead with your thumb and middle finger. The index finger is extended and should not touch the mala. (The index finger is believed to represent 'ego' and it is not recommended to be used.) Continue until you reach the Guru Beads (the big decorative beads at the center), If you wish to do another round of mantras, do not skip over the guru beads. Instead, turn the mala around and move in the opposite direction.


Care & Cleanse

Please treat your mala or bracelet with love and care. They are not meant to be worn during yoga practice or any vigorous activity.

Rudraksha Malas can be gently cleaned using warm water. The Rudraksha seeds are believed to absorb and store energy. It will darken over time and this enhances the benefits found in the seeds.

All semi-precious gemstones can be gently cleaned with soft cloth. They need to be treated with care as these are natural stones and can break with force. Please do not use any cleaning product that has chemical.

Tassels may show some wear overtime. You can dip them in warm water (you may use mild natural soap), lay flat to dry overnight. You may need to trim the end of the tassel with sharp scissors.

Here are a few ways to cleanse your mala:

  • Placing the mala in the sunlight or moonlight
  • Laying the mala under a full moon once a month for a natural recharge.
  • Burning sage over the mala
  • Placing them in a singing bowl and ring the bowl