Thank you.. January 13, 2015 00:29

Thank you for being on this site and reading our very first blog post.

Little bit about myself..
I grew up in Winnipeg & Calgary in Canada, lived and worked in New York about 7 years as a fashion designer.
When I first started practice yoga and workout at the gym in 2013, I have fallen in love with this new healthy & active lifestyle.
It was not just physical transformation. It strengthened my mind, helped me to find inner peace, self-awareness and bring positive energy.

I created this brand 'Paprika Yoga' to share and spread my love of yoga, fitness & meditation.
I wanted to create something that flows with your boy, mind and spirit.
Making a commitment to put on your gym clothes and get to the yoga class or gym regularly can be very challenging.
I think it is important to have something that inspires us, something that spices up our body, heart and mind, to be able to express who we are and most importantly.. be ourself and have fun!

We are putting all our love and effort to create fun and cool stuff that will spice up your life :) - so get ready and have fun!

We support you and thank you for supporting us on our new journey.